"and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Who are we?

We have recently become known as the Oasis Christian Centre, but this doesn’t remove us from our identity as a part of the Apostolic Church in the UK. This is still our denominational background and backbone. We are firmly established upon the foundation that has previously been laid for the Church here over the previous generations.

You will find our services are people friendly and we give opportunity for those who know Jesus as Saviour to participate especially on a Sunday morning in the sharing time.

We have communion on a Sunday morning and all who have a personal testimony of salvation are welcome to partake.

The World Wide Fellowship of the Apostolic Church. As a church we were formed from out of the great Welsh Revival which took place in 1904. At that time God used a Welsh evangelist by the name of Evan Roberts and through his powerful prayer and preaching God began to pour out afresh on our nation the Holy Spirit and many miraculous things took place. Men and women found that God began to transform their lives as they committed themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ. As a result the churches began to be filled and new Churches and Christian organisations were formed. One of these new Churches was the Apostolic Church.

The original centre for the Church was in a little mining village in Carmarthenshire called Penygroes and soon this group of christians began to connect up with others around the United Kingdom to form the Apostolic Church, UK.

In 1922 they started to send out men and women as missionaries to the various countries of the world and so today some 100 years later we have churches in every continent and in over 50 different countries.


What it means to be Evangelical and Pentecostal.


Evangelical means that we preach the gospel as declared in God’s Word, the Bible. That all men and women need to repent of their sin and come into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as saviour. The bible declares that we have all sinned* and that the only way to come back to God is through Jesus who is the Way, Truth and the Life.*


Pentecostal means that we also accept that the baptism of the Holy Spirit which took place in the early Church is also for the Church today. This Baptism is to empower the Church and to give to individuals gifts to enable them to live as God wants them to.^

*^ You can read about this in the bible. *Romans 3:23,  
    John 3:16, John 14:6

^ Acts 2 and 1 Corinthians